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The Vice Global Trend Report 2007
Last decade’s popular accessories are back too: Bumbags, gold- or plastic-framed glasses, a flashy cap with the visor turned up, or even a pager hanging on a crocodile belt. The shoes are ... the rest of the clothes. Tight vintage shirts from the 70s ...
Flemington fashion through the ages
Calf-skimming skirts and court shoes were the accessories of choice in the 1930s ... THE onslaught of World War II plunged Australia and the world into an era of uncertainty. Clothing designs were more form-fitting, a result of fabric rationing.
Vintage Fredericks Black Shiny DISCO HIGH WAISTED Pants For Sale - New and Used
• Skinny, Button/Zip Closure • CONDITION - Vintage/Pre-loved. Some areas on bottoms have become unhemmed/have loose threads and can be easily fixed. These pants are vintage and have natural simple hemming.
What is a hipster?
The store is one of Madison's fashion shrines, and I've come to learn about hipsters. A clear definition is hard to come by. Tucci remembers first hearing the word in 2003 in high school. It sounded complimentary then, but times changed. "Now it's like ...
What is a hipster?
hippie, disco, mod, punk, steampunk, new wave, no wave, alternative, grunge. But in the mid-'90s, mirroring the rise of the indie marketplace for clothing, locally grown food and music, "hipster" emerged from hibernation. Arsel suggests that the old bear ...
eBay Says Using the Word Mod Infringes Modcloth Brand
Today, one of my listings has been removed as an attempt to Search and Browse Manipulation, by using the words "Mod for Modcloth" in my description thus infringing on the brand Modcloth. Needless to say there was no such reference anywhere in my listing.